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Our Story


ABILITY TACKLE LTD, was formed in 2015 and was launched via social media on the 2nd March 2018. The idea arose from the love and passion for our humble sport fishing (predominantly CARP fishing) by friends and founders David Smith & Nick Omar, and through the overpriced products and the saying on many social media sites 'what a noddy',


We came up with Ability Tackle to promote and sell products that are suitable for all anglers and of any ABILITY.

Our Products


At ABILITY TACKLE we believe our products are of the highest standard. We use superior materials to create our products, as well as quality specialist manufacturers.


We have a team of trusted anglers of all abilities who have thoroughly tested every product we sell. This means that only when we are 100% confident in a product do we release it to the public.

The Ability


ABILITY TACKLE was formed to create and release products that are suitable for any angler, be that a PRO, a CHILD, LADIES, or dare we say it a 'NODDY' or even the less experienced of anglers.

The Social Side


We are more than quality fishing products, we are a family.


There are many ways to join our family - via Facebook @abilitytacklel.com Twitter @AbilityTackle & YouTube.


Our family is growing  and we are currently 5000+ strong. Come and join the ABILITY family.