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Andy at the lake


Andy headed down to his local lake, he had his swim booked ready knowing where they are at this time year! He thought He would jump in close to this area to try and get amongst them!

Casting to far marginal snags Andy dropped back one-rod length to a gravel bar. The other two rods he left closer to snags in silt, knowing Krays don't like silt as much. Using a throwing stick he put out 60/80 baits over the rods and waited. Nothing happened as fast as he wanted, so he moved one rod to the close margin and just flicked it under an overhanging branch for the night. 


Andy and carp

Andy awoke to that rod screaming, he said he was so glad no one was in swim next to him. 18lb 9oz common graced his net. In total, he had 11 runs and 11 banked. With the first carp was the biggest one of the session.


Well done.