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Ability Chod Kit.


Ability Chod Kit.

Ability Chod Kit.




The Ability Chod Kit.

Contains the following.


Dead Set Chod Filament.

  • For perfect Chod, Stiff hinge and Combi rigs.
  • Extremely high memory which retains the perfect curve once formed.
  • Easier to manipulate than other stiff material.
  • No need for steaming.
  • Available in 15, 25 & 35lb.
  • 20m per spool.

Dead Set has been designed to create the perfect stiff rig in an easy, hassle-free manner. It’s a material that retains a perfect curve when formed. creating the perfect hinged-stiff rig or chod rig that so many of us incorporate into our angling. The Dead Set Chod Filament will be available in 15lb, 25lb and 35lb. It has been made with the same invisible qualities of our soon to be released fluorocarbon hooklink material & specalist boom product (The Fluro & Hinge Set), something that is important to the Ability Team.


Ability Chod Hooks.

  • Specialist Chod hook.
  • Super sharp point.
  • Slightly beaked point for penetration.
  • Japanese high carbon steel.
  • Perfect shank length.
  • 17 degree out-turned eye.
  • Available in sizes 4, 6 and 8’s.
  • Available in barbed and barbless.

The Ability Chod Hooks are a slightly wide gaped hook with a 17 degree out turned eye for a more aggressive hook hold. The super sharp and slightly beaked point made from superior Japanese carbon steel, allows for superior penetration with the added strength and power needed in today’s modern carp rigs, perfect to use as an out and out chod hook or on a simple pop-up rig.


Rig Rings.

  • att black finish.
  • Complement our hook beads.
  • Perfect for Blow-Back, Chod & Multi rigs.
  • 20 per pack.
  • Available In 3 sizes.
  • 3.1, 3.7 & 4.4mm diameter.

Rig Rings are an element of many different of rigs. They can be used to attach hook baits on chod rigs, D-Rigs & Multi rigs or for any setup where the ring is running on the hook shank such as a blowback rig, Ronnie rig etc.


Ring Swivel.

  • High strength rolling swivel.
  • Compatible with the Ability Leadclip systems.
  • Designed for optimum performance
  • Matt black finish for anti-glare.
  • 20 per packet.

These high strength ring swivels’ which are completely compatible with the Ability Leadclip system have been designed for optimum performance, with a matt black finish for anti-glare properties, with each pack containing 20 swivels.


Hook Beads.

  • Traps Rig Rings and Micro O Hook Swivels on the shank of the hook.
  • Designed to aid the anti-eject properties of any rig.
  • Available in Clear & Silt.
  • 20 stops per packet.

with a total RRP of over £19 SAVE over 33%.


Barbed / Barbless Size: 


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