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Ability Ronnie Rig Kit.


Ability Ronnie Rig Kit.

Ability Ronnie Rig Kit.




Ronnie Rig Kit.


QC Ring Swivel x 5.

  • Matt black finish.
  • Really effective when using with stiff pop-up rigs.
  • A reliable and proven success with all set ups.
  • Sturdy yet easy to use.

Quick Change Swivels have been designed to allow anglers to quickly change hook lengths, without hassle, maintaining a strong reliable connection, without numerous metal products.


Flexi Bait Screw x 5.

  • Anti Glare black finish
  • Visibility is reduced under water

Flexi Bait Screws give anglers a fast and convenient way of securely mounting hook baits onto D rigs and shank mounted hook arrangements. Using them in this way increases the free movement of hook baits and helps the hook to react immediately when the bait is inhaled, ensuring that the rig you have combined them with is free to work to its greatest potential.

The Flexi Bait Screw has a 7.5mm thread and these are ideal for most hookbaits.


Ability Curve x 5.

  • Long curved shank.
  • Super sharp.
  • Japanese high carbon steel.
  • Perfect length shank.
  • Available in sizes 4, 6 and 8.
  • Available in barbed and barbless.

The Ability Curve is a fantastically versatile hook. It's aggressive hooking properties make it ideal for pop-up and bottom-bait rigs too. It owes its fantastic hooking properties to the continuous curve of the shank, in-turned eye and long, straight, needle point. Those features make this pattern a great hooker when used without shrink tube.


Hook beads x 5.

  • Traps Rig Rings and Micro O Hook Swivels on the shank of the hook.
  • Designed to aid the anti-eject properties of any rig.
  • Available in Clear & Silt.

Shrink tube x 3.

  • Quick and easy steaming process.
  • The tubing will fold under excess pressure.
  • Shrink Tube is perfect for improving the turning efficiency of any rig.
  • It shrinks down to almost 1/2 of its original size.

Shrink Tube is perfect for improving the turning & hooking efficiency of any rig by creating kickers. It shrinks down to nearly 1/2 of its original size to form a neatly presented rig.



Barbed / Barbless Size: 


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