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Mike Brown, can't stop catching


Consultant Mike Brown Does it again!


December 2018.

Having a night and day, before my next shift at work and with some good fishing weather heading in. I went to my local club water and headed to an area I'd seen the carp only a few days before. I found a dying weed bed in the area they were showing so I presented three rigs in front of it, one in silt and two on top of a gravel bar.


All night passed and was woken just before first light to two of my rods going which turned out to be coots and tufties diving over me and as such I decided to fish just one rod in the silt and two tight to the Reed line opposite.


I presented 16mm wafters on flouro d rigs with an Ability Classic size four on a helicopter setup as tight to the reeds as I could and one of these rigs I cast into a depression into the reeds. As I was Packing away, I went to get my rod to wind in and as I did the tip pulled down and pulled the line out of the clip resulting in this pretty little stocky just shy of 13IB.