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On fire across the border


Ability Tackle’s northern team boss Shaun Gough is on fire across the border, with team members Garry Simmonds & Kieran Dunne.


Shaun & Kieran fished the same venue Jonchery last year, so they knew what was needed, RIGHT!


Again, arming themselves with fishmeal boilies, again they were told that they don't catch on this water!

Only fruity baits catch! we didn’t do that bad on them last year, we were ready for the long drive, wasn’t we!


Nope, after a quick phone call (21:00 Friday Night) to Ability Tackle boss to get a few bits of terminal tackle. thank you very much, we meet him at the services (01:30 Saturday) and continued our journey South.



The plan was for them to get the rods out after a short sleep after the long drive, but the anticipation was killing, they dropped the gear off and set up their base camps. Shaun and Garry shared a swim while Kieran went to the top of the lake in the shallows for the first night. This saw them all have a fish! Garry a mid-double Shaun a mid-20 leaving Kieran with a 36!


Things started looking great, as the week before had only produced 10 fish.



Through the session, we were getting loads of liners, but felt like we were being done a few times.
Using a simple blowback rig with a size 6 Ability Curve barbless Hook, about 7 inches long with a glugged bottom bait to match the hatch! Tipped with a piece of fake corn.



After being done a few times the plan was to shorten the rig and switch to an inline setup!

Up at first light, when Shaun shortened his rig to about 4 inches with a uncoated braid, they were using a bait boat, so tangles wouldn’t be a problem. 

Loading the boat with particle and about 100 boilies a time it all kicked off.


Fish where coming steady! Garry had a massive ghosty PB of 53lb not bad for his first trip to France. Sunday to Wednesday it seemed like one of them was always playing a fish!


They finished with 25 fish between them all. 2 at 46 for Shaun, a 53lb for Garry and good few 30’s for them both. Kieran ended up with a few finishing on 5 fish to 36 lb.



Story by David Smith.

Using Shaun & Garry’s Catch Report.