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Ability PVA Bag Bundle

£6.99 Sale!

Ability PVA Bag Bundle

Ability PVA Bag Bundle


£6.99 Sale!


Ability PVA Bag Bundle.


The Ability PVA Bag Bundle is 3 pkts of the best quality PVA on the market.

This bundle contains 60 PVA Solid bags.


The Ability Solid PVA bags are available in 4 different sizes.

XS – 50 x 100mm

S – 60 x 120mm

M – 70 x 140mm

L – 70 x 190mm


  • Each pack contains 20 PVA solid bags.
  • They have a credible dissolve time of 16-24 seconds dependent on the water temperature.
  • Tests were taken between -2C and all the way up to 22C.


Solid PVA Bags are superb for enclosing the entire rig system with dry feed such as pellet or crushed boilies. Our solid PVA Bags are immensely popular as they combine strength and a high melt rate. Ability recommend licking and sticking the corners to make the finished PVA bags more aerodynamic for casting. Available in packs of 20 bags.

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