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Winter Fishing in France


Winter carp fishing in France.


We all know that France is a magical place to fish and over the summer months 1000s of anglers make the French pilgrimage to lakes stocked with monsters that can only be dreamt about in UK waters, most UK anglers head of to well stocked commercially run lake others, a small minority head for large public waters, some go to escape the rat race some to escape the wife and kids, some only make the trip once a year while others 4 or 5. But what most UK carp anglers don't do is consider the winter months in France after all the fish are still there still wanting to feed albeit less often for me this is this best time of the year and when French waters really do become magical.

Daytime temperatures can still reach 20 degrees but night time it can drop rapidly to -6 very easily, daylight is shorter, and you have to be prepared for what the elements can throw at you but the rewards can be great and some amazing memories can be made.

For me it's not just about the fish it's the scenery,


the challenges against nature and the tranquillity. Waters are empty of people and anglers, nature is winding down for hibernation but I'm just waking up and ready to take what can be thrown at me.

I've had a lot of people say I'm off my rocker and need certifying but if they saw what I've seen maybe they would take a different view. The fishing can be extremely difficult but when it all comes together it's very rewarding and not being a Pb chaser I've caught some very memorable catches not just the fish but the journey to catch that fish make the whole experience truly amazing.


In February I loaded the van and headed of on the ferry to France, but this time was different, this time was for good, this time I was following my dream. my possessions sold, I converted a Mercedes sprinter to suit my needs and I was off. In February I headed for a private chateau lake im a member of for 10 days the weather was horrendously cold at night, but the rewards were good, only 2 fish that session 25lb 6oz and 30lb on the nose but both memories made.

Above Neill with a 25lb 06 oz Mirror

Above Neill with a 30lb Mirror.


Written By Neill Carden (Apr 19).